Sunday, 27 January 2013

Wow! What another great day on the ski trails at Deer Park today. The "Ski Around the World" was another good event organized by Susan.

There were over 25 skiers out enjoying the perfect weather and snow conditions.  With a little bit of new snow on the freshly groomed trails the day was almost perfect. Just missing a little bit of sunshine and it would have been heaven in the snow!

The club events continue to get great support and lots of new faces are joining us all the time.

Lots of thanks to some great sponsors who have contributed to our fundraising drive to purchase some new snow grooming equipment. We are purchasing new Tidd Tech snow grooming and track setting gear as soon as we can. Hopefully this year but if not then it will be here for next season.

The equipment will cost the club around $7000.00 and we have already raised about Half of that amount to date.

We have received support for our events and grooming equipment from some great local sponsors so far including Harvest Meats, Yorkton Memorial Gardens, Marlin Travel and Lucianna Litwin RMT.

We will post a blog later with links and information to their fine businesses to thank them for the support.

Our goal of raising the money required is well within our reach but if you know of any local business who might be able to help out the club please contact Anne Stupak and she will forward them a letter.

See you on the trails!

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