Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Hey Club! Big news!

The new TiddTech snow grooming equipment has finally arrived in Yorkton. One of the goals of the club is to have world class trail grooming equipment available to us. This equipment will enable us to expand our trails from existing 6 kms to almost 10 kms with lots of options for beginners to more technical loops.

We will also be able to groom for skate skiing which will enable us to attract more skiers to the club. Skate skiing will also enable us to attract a younger demographics to the sport. This will especially be highlighted next year when the Olympics are being held and the sport has a higher profile than usual!

So we have met many of our goals over the past couple of seasons. We purchased a new Yamaha Snowmobile at a cost of around $11,000.00 and paid it off within one year.

We have now received our new Tidd Tech Snow grooming equipment at a cost of $6000.00 and we now need to finish off the fundraising required to pay off this equipment.

The club now has the equipment required to have world class trail grooming. We also have a great facility at Deer Park where we can expand our trail network and fully utilize the terrain and also the clubhouse.

Here are some pictures of the club volunteers who worked hard to put the pieces all together.

Ken getting started - some assembly required! Yikes there are lots of parts.

 Ken pondering the unit all laid out on the floor!

 We brought in some high priced help from Good Spirit Ski Club - Darryl Stevenson who is their cheif grooming expert and has used the Tidd Tech extensively. Glad he came to help us out.

Barry, Darryl, Bob and Ken hard at work putting all the parts together under the watchful eye and direction of Anne Stupak. She had the directions and actually made us follow orders!

Now you can see that Barry has his hands in his pockets while the rest of the team is working hard!  Doing what he does best??

Finished product! Next step - get it out to Deer Park and start to play with trail setting! Ken, our grooming expert will be very happy to put the old bedframe to rest!

Stock picture off the Tidd Tech website!

Track setter at work - can't wait to ski those new tracks

Tidd Tech picture of grooming for both skate and classic skiing. 

Many thanks to all the club members who helped out with the Tidd Tech setup - Barry, Ken, Bob and Anne.

Also big thanks to Darryl Stevenson from Good Spirit who came out to help us with set-up. The club at  Good Spirit has a couple of great grooming volunteers - Darryl and Derek and if you ever see them give 'em a big thank you as they keep the trails out there very well groomed.

Also a big thanks to the folks at the City of Yorkton who let us use their facility at the Gallagher Center to receive the equipment and who have supported our growth and expanded use of the Deer Park facility.

We also have to thank all of the sponsors who contributed to the new equipment including;

Saskatchewan Lotteries and Cross Country Saskatchewan


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