Tuesday, 9 April 2013

YCCSC hosts great windup potluck supper

The Clubhouse was an exciting place to be on Sunday evening (as the snow continues to fall and blow around!)

In attendance at the event were about 20 members of the ski club who got together to share their favorite recipes and lots of laughs with the rest of the gang!

We had a very successful season with over 1150 skiers registering in the book since it was put out in December. Many schools brought out their students to the trails and hopefully we can transition a few of them into full fledged ski junkies like some of us.

The new snow grooming equipment will enable us to expand our trails next season and we also have the ability to groom for skate skiing as well as classic track setting.

We have lots of plans in the works for 2013/14 season so keep tuned into the web blog for updates. The Annual General Meeting will be held in the spring to give the club time to plan for the next season events. Please consider putting your name forward to helping out with our club business and event hosting. Many hands and all that!

Thanks to Susan for all her great work organizing the special events this year and also to Ken for all of his hours out on the snowmobile grooming the trails. Much thanks from all of us for your many hours volunteering!

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